Project Plan: Example

What is the obstacle?
My area of study for this article will be stress and the problems following it.

What is the solution?

Through your own motivation and personal skills, with the additional help of friends or experts. With my guidance, to slowly but surely resolve your angst.

Why have you chosen this solution? (Based on  your experience or external source)

Through personal experience, I have endured periods of stress and have coped with it all in the same way. Take a step back, review your situation and deal with it methodically.

Summary of your article in one short paragraph (50 to 100 word) (curious, inviting, concise)

If you’re stressed, feel the pressures of social living and desperately need an intermission, I can assure you that you’re not alone. Every day, we are exposed to the debatable and controversial material, the workplace and school environments are large contributors to the amounts of stress we experience.

With previous experience as a personal mentor, I have great skills with mental well-being; I know how to guide you if you’re struggling. This article is targeted at a dedicated, self-driven audience that hopefully wants to succeed as much as myself. It’s all about dealing with the stress in a healthy, organised way.



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