Street Fashion: Alexa Chung

Evolutionary Television Presenter
Alexa Chung- A short biography

Alexa Chung, a 33-year-old Television presenter born in Privett, Hampshire was scouted to be a model at Reading festival when she was only 16. Because of this, she managed to then model for teen magazines, such a Elle Girl and CosmoGIRL, also working for companies including Fanta, Sony Ericsson and Urban Outfitters. Alexa Chung appeared in many music videos of pop artists, featuring West Life and Holly Valance.

To reprimand the modelling industry, Chung pursued an Art Foundational Fashion Journalism course. Amidst this, in 2005, Chung developed a more refined image and became a TV personality. Eventually, Chung quit modelling due to a distorted body image and low self-esteem. During the time between 2008 and 2015, Chung modelled for fashion icons such as DKNY, Lacoste, Stella McCartney, Pepe Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger.

Chung’s Fashion Sense

Whether it be street, catwalk, casual or accessory style Chung can throw together an outfit and successfully captivate the media with her designs. Here, her Acne Jacket compliments her double-cut ankle skirt, paired with a below-the-knee laced leather boot, squared off at the toe. To sport this look with simple hair was a wise idea, as it’s clear all of the attention should be on her attire.

Street Style  

With an Acne Jacket lined with fur and a leather finish, this look is perfect for the street. A dark, grungy colour palette is essential for casual paparazzi on the streets. With Chung, it’s clear that her grunge side dominates her more perky side, with most of her street looks consisting of dark, grungy gothic themed attire. With her couture sensibly combined, Alexa Chung’s street style is captivating and it can’t go wrong. Knowing that she can rock anything, I’m sure she has found confidence in what she’s wearing… 24.7.

Chung channels outfits that otherwise wouldn’t at all go together…

High Street fashion

Alexa can string together a wardrobe without fail. In this instance, a high street 2000’s look has gone down a treat. Alexa has paired flares with square-toed loafers, a much admired look from the early 2000’s. Alongside not drawing much attention to her blouse, she chose to fashion a plain grey blazer, to contrast the denim flares and loafer pumps. Once again, styling this look with a plain hairstyle is essential; providing more attention to be paid to the outfit itself, rather than her hair. Plain chic beach waves remain beautiful in and out of fashion trends, and I’m sure we appreciate that as much as we appreciate Alexa herself.  With a high demand on progressive style, Alexa lays down the rules in this high street outfit, as she tours London.



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