Kiss my soul : Diary Edition

By: Fairouz Tamer Staying at home for someone like me isn’t healthy, but I do always find a way to stay sane and not end my life. This text message from a friend of mine ruined the whole “temporary” calm mood for me. “Are you still single? Didn’t date anyone […]

Uniform and yelling killed Education

Growing up as a young child in a British primary school had its negatives, and barely any positives. Uniformity, yelling, and a lack of understanding has lead me to retain a foggy memory of everything I learned, because I ended up blocking out everything including the trauma and even my primary, core education.

Fridays With Afrah: Aliens?!

Hey! For all you conspiracy lovers, we have an extremely intriguing take on Hitler’s story. Read on to find out more. Aliens?! The link between Hitler and aliens, what? Aliens can be tied into anything. Area 51? Aliens. Unexplainable figures spotted on mars? Aliens. Bodies washed up in the ocean […]