The Illuminati?!

You have probably heard of the Illuminati, either through the news or media- or maybe one of your friends claimed their grandad was in the Illuminati. Either way, you have heard of them. The Illuminati is one of the most infamous cults/groups in history and is still in operation today. The man behind it all is called Adam Weishaupt, and he founded the Illuminati in 1776. Adam Weishaupt was born on 6 February 1748 in Ingolstadt and was initiated into the Masonic Lodge “Theodor Zum Guten Rath”, at Munich in 1777. His project of “illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason, which will dispel the clouds of superstition and prejudice” was an unwelcome reform.

Fridays With Afrah.

Hey there! I’m Afrah, and here’s the new ‘Fridays With Afrah’ poem and conspiracy. This poem is about how I feel when I write and as a writer. I hope you enjoy! Words: The ink drips from my pen, as I forge the words I never thought a mind as […]

Cannabis: You’ve got it all wrong

The subject of Cannabis – a sticky one. Do you accept that it’s unlawfully outlawed – or use it anyway? I don’t endorse illegal activities. I’d just like to let you know that I use Cannabis to medicate my chronic pains, of which I’d been struggling with for the past 10 years of my life. And it works. It really works.