Appreciate the rain.

I was walking through the kind-of archway of trees; it’s a quieter shortcut with much more nature. I mainly do this to avoid being splashed by puddles – if you’re feeble enough to go the hill way then you don’t know this village as much as you should. I wound up wearing my denim flares with some one-inch checkered red and black platforms, made of vegan leather of course, to brave the walk to number one. As I walked Brian’s dog Betsy every single day (par one; I slept in until 5pm. I call this the quarantine low.), I realised that I really enjoyed enjoying my appearance despite being the only person except for Brian to see myself in the full glamour of my 70’s-inspired fit. But I didn’t care when I put this outfit on.


She was never a valley for you to wander through, or a piece of clay in your hands to shape.She is not what society told you she is. She is […]