The Sky.

By Youmna Khaled. The sky is stilldespite the wailingof the wind.Despite the revivalof autumn aftera short death withno funeral.Locks of my hairbreak free.Dancing the wayamateur birds flyin an infinity of glee.Letting go andfloating to a rhythmthey needn’t control.I am the sky,so stubborn.My gospel a chorusof silent pride.The sky is meholding […]

Fridays With Afrah!

Hello again! For the conspiracy portion of ‘Fridays With Afrah’, I have for you the second of the three part theory about Adolf Hitler. Enjoy this fascinating theory written by Kate! The Rothschilds Connection: The Rothschilds used their illegitimate sons as a patriotic front, with no nepotism suspected. Nepotism meaning, […]

Fridays With Afrah!

Hey! Thank you for tuning into ‘Fridays With Afrah.’ Today I will share with you something that I think is truly wrong with the world. The way we are told to or perhaps we have told our selves to act seemingly invincible to everyone that crosses our path. Even when […]

A Sunflower : A Poem

By: Fairouz Tamer Been sitting on the couch, So away from everyone Yet close to a glass window, alone Hearing those voices, Of gossips and stories But didn’t really get a chance, To join any of all   It is like being the only sunflower, Between roses and green leaves […]