Fridays With Afrah!

Heya! Welcome to ‘Fridays With Afrah.’ Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy. You were like stars in the galaxy. Looking so attractive and glimmering with all your might that it was too hard to resist, and I never once thinking the negative possibilities dove right in. Flying […]

Golden Haunted Heart: A Poem

By: Fairouz Tamer I sat on the roof edge, Legs dangling Chest bones aching, My whole gesture is done shaking So many stories were held, In brown, solo eyes   The feeling of letting go, Tales and lines of my life Is such a weight My numb shoulders, Can’t resist again   […]

Fridays With Afrah!

Hey! Thank you for tuning into ‘Fridays With Afrah.’ Today I will share with you something that I think is truly wrong with the world. The way we are told to or perhaps we have told our selves to act seemingly invincible to everyone that crosses our path. Even when […]

A Sunflower : A Poem

By: Fairouz Tamer Been sitting on the couch, So away from everyone Yet close to a glass window, alone Hearing those voices, Of gossips and stories But didn’t really get a chance, To join any of all   It is like being the only sunflower, Between roses and green leaves […]

The Handprints Inside Us.

Hello and welcome back to Fridays with Afrah. I have a bit of a long poem for you today, I hope you enjoy! Each day I see the many ways in which we impact the people around us; and they, us. From when we feel compelled to tell them what […]