The Tragic Blue: A Poem

By : Fairouz Tamer They say time heals But that’s not right You were once beautiful In someone’s eyes You would stay ages, On your bed  Swallowing, one  Of a bitter pill They say you are vulnerable, But tell me who isn’t! Love is fatal If you didn’t know well […]

The warmth of my tea.

By: Yomna Ameer. The warmth of my tea;a visible grey ghostwith a vintage smell,alluringly dancing.So loudly replacing the porch’ssilence with my escalating unease.The moon is hushed.He is a shade of agrieving pearl, tonight.He takes the night as a stage,and narrates a whisperedgoodbye betweenthe breaths of two parting lovers.Though tonight my […]

Just Because I Smile.

•~M.A❤️ Just because I smileJust because I smile,you think I am not hurt.Just because I laugh too hard,you think I am not hurt.Just because I cry at the tiniest of things,you think I am weak.Just because I over-feel,just because I overreact,you think,I don’t know how to love.JUST BECAUSE I SMILE. […]