We all have hopes and dreams that we wish to fulfil. Certain aims that we desire to meet, a name that we crave to make for ourselves, and someone to love. Isn’t that what we all want in the end? But hope is so much bigger than that. 

Hope has limitless possibilities; when it comes to hoping, you can quite literally hope for anything. Why do we hope for such mundane things, when we could very well long for the whole world to be at its knees for us? Perhaps it’s because we feel childish for having big aspirations. I think it’s because we’ve outgrown hope, or hoping for big things. Think about it. Whenever we hear that someone has big dreams, we inwardly ridicule them for it. 

Who decided that hope is immature? Hope is the single best thing that we have. It is the precise reason we keep moving forward, because we wish for a better tomorrow. When did hope become a figment of the past? I wish we could openly hope without the judgment of others. 

I see so many children who have their anticipations always crushed by older individuals of the society telling them that it will never work out. They think they’re practical, when, in reality, they are taking a child’s hope away, and that can never end well. Being realistic is fine as long as you do not demoralize anyone and think you’re doing them a favor.

I wonder what kind world we’d be living in if hope wasn’t ridiculed, and having it was an achievement in itself.