Victim of 19 years

By: Fairouz Tamer So yes, I am that average pretty girl with a very complicated personality. But I want to ask you something? Who permitted you to judge me? Who asked for your opinion? Did I? I did not, and maybe you should rethink who did.  I might seem the […]

Midnight blue

It’s midnight bluethe fire inside your chesta melting snowstormin an aching needto prove itself. A withering cry of anger stilllingering on your lips,like rust on a golden frame;so boldly out […]

The Tragic Blue: A Poem

By : Fairouz Tamer They say time heals But that’s not right You were once beautiful In someone’s eyes You would stay ages, On your bed  Swallowing, one  Of a bitter pill They say you are vulnerable, But tell me who isn’t! Love is fatal If you didn’t know well […]