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13 Creative Podcast Segment Ideas

As a podcaster, you may have spent some time brainstorming segments that you can incorporate into your podcast. Even if you have a very specific podcast topic and a set format, a few segments can add some variety to your podcast and make it that much more engaging. Brainstorming segments can be challenging though, so we’ve compiled 13 creative segment ideas that you can use as is or personalize to add some variety to your podcast!

9 things that keep your business running smoothly

A lot of people assume that the hardest thing about running a company is the beginning period, when you’re starting up something brand new, when you’re full of optimism and starry-eyed hopes for the future. But the truth is something different — a lot of people can start their own companies. What separates the wheat from the chaff is what happens in the future — whether you manage to keep your company running smoothly or not. Here are ten tips that will help you keep your business running well far, far into the future.

Affordable ways to combat climate change as an individual

As a UK citizen in government-funded housing, on a wage of £4.35 an hour, believe me when I say I understand why some people don’t use metal straws. As previously discussed on Yellow Scribe, going green is a luxury that many just can’t afford, but here are some tried-and-tested ways that are either free or very cheap, that I’ve found I can commit to in my everyday life.