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A poetic med student.
Author of “Of One Lost Girl”.
Graphic design manager @yellowscribe.
Coffee & tea addict.
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She was never a valley for you to wander through, or a piece of clay in your hands to shape.She is not what society told you she is. She is […]

Midnight blue

It’s midnight bluethe fire inside your chesta melting snowstormin an aching needto prove itself. A withering cry of anger stilllingering on your lips,like rust on a golden frame;so boldly out […]

The warmth of my tea.

By: Yomna Ameer. The warmth of my tea;a visible grey ghostwith a vintage smell,alluringly dancing.So loudly replacing the porch’ssilence with my escalating unease.The moon is hushed.He is a shade of agrieving pearl, tonight.He takes the night as a stage,and narrates a whisperedgoodbye betweenthe breaths of two parting lovers.Though tonight my […]