Yomna Khaled

Hey everyone! I am Yomna, and I am a writer, admin and designs manager for Yellow Scribe on Instagram.

that’s me with my journal. xx

I am a 19 year old med student from Cairo, Egypt who has fallen in love with writing ever since she was a kid who has just comprehended the concept of creating sentences of her own.

Mental health, psychiatry, self-care, they are all a huge passion of mine, that’s why I founded asunflowerjournal.

I like keeping myself busy, and as a result of that, you’d probably find me multitasking almost all the time.

If I am not studying, writing or blogging, then I am probably teaching, designing, drawing or taking pictures and editing them.

I also happen to be the author of Of One Lost Girl; a book that I published with the lovely Yellow Scribe Publishings.

You can find my poems on:

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