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Social media – a hurdle to approach yet still the rewards are soo worth it. Rocket your sales, customers, regulars, and most importantly – engagement. Engaging with clients is necessary to build a healthy, successful and progressive business. Would you rather be just another number, or would you rather be a respected regular with your order remembered upon your very entrance?

Why is branding so important? (click me)

Build online repertoire

Gain followers and henceforth more sales

Build a proper brand

Respecting your clients and being known as the reliable, fun and interesting business that engages even the most difficult of clients is a rewarding and repaying destination to reach. We might be the help you need in order to be able to tick that final step off your list or cut the ribbon to unveil your new branch…

Stick to a consistent, engaging theme

Posts according to a prearranged and researched schedule which ensures maximum efficien

Skyrocket your statistics in months

Why me?

I have strategized for a plethora of websites, businesses, and themes in the past – and have mastered the art of communication through the medium of the all-powerful internet.

Build a bold, engaging and informative website

Place ads where they work

Decide a logo, colour scheme, and ethos

People want snappy, interesting and benefittingthem. To maintain and initially peak interest, you need to understand the wants and needs of your audience regardless of who they even are.

My packages can benefit every situation:

Are you just getting started?

DIAMOND (2 months) Concepts, Schemes, Logos, Merchandise, Social Pages (Incl. FREE monthly maintenance), Customer Support & Instagram Story Design.

Prices may vary depending on the context, parameters and extent of the project

Need a refreshing overhaul?

PLATINUM (1 month) Logo Redesign, Possible Colour Scheme Reboot, Social Media Post Structuring and Templates for future use, Instagram Story design.

Just need to be pointed in the right direction?

SILVER (Phone Call/Meeting, between 1-5 hr) Discuss goals, Business/Brand history/future plans, draw up a schedule, FREE followup email consultations & further assistance if at all required.

Do you just need a concept, colour scheme and logo?

GOLD (Email exchange, Max. one working week) A simple logo design, concept board, schedule and colour scheme reboot.

Would you like merchandise to spread the word?

BRONZE (Email exchange/meeting/phone call, Max. two working weeks) Merchandise design including logo design, contextual fashion decisions effective at selling to specific audiences, colour scheme options and quantity recommendations based on predicted sales on the bases of demographic/cultural demand.

How about promotional concepts to peak sales at times that matter most to your business?

OPAL (Email exchange/meeting/phone call, Max. one working week) Consultation meeting covering your goals, audience, motivations, products, and location.

What are you waiting for? Email us at to chat with a strategist today and to decide what you want to do!

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