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About Kate.

Kate is a social media marketing consultant with over 2 years of experience of designing and directing marketing campaigns, designing websites, and optimizing social media presence for companies appealing to the more technologically apt demographic.

YellowScribe was founded in 2017 by Kate who then continued to develop different sectors within the small business. By early 2018, a website was already established and YellowScribe had 15 writers on board to contribute towards our website posts.

Then, we saw an influx of interaction. We had to give you more! So, we created YellowScribe the Magazine, which we didn’t have the budget to produce unfortunately – although the campaign launch went so well.

YellowScribe, now over 50 team members strong, is starting from the beginning. Except we’re doing it properly this time.

We have teams that are happy to take on your inquiries, answer your calls and respond to your emails.

Secure those sales without splashing out – I’m offering personalised and preset bundles from only £1.99.

Boost your business without breaking your bank.


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Kaitlyn Pibernik

Please have a look at the work I’ve done in the past – I’m incredibly proud of my portfolio and can’t wait to show you the things I’ve accomplished.

My name’s Kate and I am proud to showcase a vast collection of my past work on this portfolio. I have worked with a number of companies to boost their online engagement including Corporate Engineering Ltd in Silchester, Vedas CBD in Basingstoke and YellowScribe Ltd.

YellowScribe is my own company – and we have a team of more or less fifteen members dotted around the world. The number of members is ever-changing due to the fast paced nature of the company, however our contributors are in the hundreds. These include photographers, poets, writers, authors, professors and students looking for a place to learn and a platform to showcase their work on.

YellowScribe’s mission is to provide a safe, understanding and supportive place to anybody and everybody. YellowScribe has recently expanded with our 2020 venture: GreenThreadz.

Green Threadz is an online clothing manufacturer and distributor that works with manufacturers local to our customers so we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We boast comfortable, sustainable clothing and our Instagram page represents us as we campaign by spreading awareness about how to shop and wash clothes sustainably.

Thanks for reading a bit about myself and my experience, please continue below to my work timeline where I’ve detailed a bit about each job. Again, please get in touch should you have any questions.

I am currently available to work part and full-time either from home, or in my local area.


Social media – a hurdle to approach yet still the rewards are soo worth it. Rocket your sales, customers, regulars, and most importantly – engagement. Engaging with clients is necessary to build a healthy, successful and progressive business. Would you rather be just another number, or would you rather be a respected regular with your order remembered upon your very entrance?

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Build online repertoire

Gain followers and henceforth more sales

Build a proper brand

Respecting your clients and being known as the reliable, fun and interesting business that engages even the most difficult of clients is a rewarding and repaying destination to reach. We might be the help you need in order to be able to tick that final step off your list or cut the ribbon to unveil your new branch…

Stick to a consistent, engaging theme

Posts according to a prearranged and researched schedule which ensures maximum efficien

Skyrocket your statistics in months

Why me?

I have strategized for a plethora of websites, businesses, and themes in the past – and have mastered the art of communication through the medium of the all-powerful internet.

Build a bold, engaging and informative website

Place ads where they work

Decide a logo, colour scheme, and ethos

People want snappy, interesting and benefittingthem. To maintain and initially peak interest, you need to understand the wants and needs of your audience regardless of who they even are.

My packages can benefit every situation:

Are you just getting started?

DIAMOND (2 months) Concepts, Schemes, Logos, Merchandise, Social Pages (Incl. FREE monthly maintenance), Customer Support & Instagram Story Design.

Prices may vary depending on the context, parameters and extent of the project

Need a refreshing overhaul?

PLATINUM (1 month) Logo Redesign, Possible Colour Scheme Reboot, Social Media Post Structuring and Templates for future use, Instagram Story design.

Just need to be pointed in the right direction?

SILVER (Phone Call/Meeting, between 1-5 hr) Discuss goals, Business/Brand history/future plans, draw up a schedule, FREE followup email consultations & further assistance if at all required.

Do you just need a concept, colour scheme and logo?

GOLD (Email exchange, Max. one working week) A simple logo design, concept board, schedule and colour scheme reboot.

Would you like merchandise to spread the word?

BRONZE (Email exchange/meeting/phone call, Max. two working weeks) Merchandise design including logo design, contextual fashion decisions effective at selling to specific audiences, colour scheme options and quantity recommendations based on predicted sales on the bases of demographic/cultural demand.

How about promotional concepts to peak sales at times that matter most to your business?

OPAL (Email exchange/meeting/phone call, Max. one working week) Consultation meeting covering your goals, audience, motivations, products, and location.

What are you waiting for? Email us at hello@yellowscribe.com to chat with a strategist today and to decide what you want to do!

I’m Kate, a web strategist obsessed with the study of supply and demand, and the art of mastering it and henceforth rocketing the sales, repertoire, and overall engagement of a franchise or business.

Discover the image you never knew you needed:

It is imperative that you enter the scene with a bang – bold logo, ethos, colour scheme, purpose, goal, budget… People love consistency and that’s what we’ll give them!

Creating a business, brand, or purpose requires passion and a heart. No one wants to throw away to their money to a huge corporation where no one will recognise them, but when you pay close attention to your customers’ individual needs, you’ll see a whole different type of engagement. One you wouldn’t see in other companies.

Build an image through any medium…

By Kate Pibernik

After studying media and graphic design, I was able to create a plethora of videos, infographics and newspaper articles as well as many other graphics that benefitted the purpose of the

Let’s build an image together.

January 2020

Charity Work

My passion is to help others, and through this I began a #PayItForward scheme, in which I marketed, advertised and raised money to help the homeless in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. I gathered over 40 bundles containing greggs gift vouchers, warm clothing, dog food for homeless dogs.

I marketed this scheme through my platform of Instagram, and ensured my engagement reached the correct audience.

the care hamper which a customer and friend kindly donated (she donated around 25/30!)

The scheme was a huge success – amounting over fifteen drinks paid forward in the first month. Charity work is a passion of mine and in combination with social media marketing, makes the best use of the internet in my opinion.

The window design I drew to display the scheme to the passing public
a picture of the Café where I hosted the scheme

Content & Marketing

​2019- 2020

In mid-2019 I was given the opportunity to work with Vedas CBD to design, market and distribute content and material that would boost sales across the company.

This role required prior knowledge of chemistry, biology, business and marketing skills. Although at the beginning I struggled to find my feet, I managed to adjust quickly and provide an amazing service for the client.

I am a respected member of the team and can always perform to meet deadlines, strenuous tasks and I’m always willing to go out of my comfort zone. Below is a slideshow that I created to promote the new direction that the company decided to go in.

Below is a slideshow that I created in order to present new products to wholesale consumers…


I designed posters to display important information…


I enjoy creating info-graphics because I end up learning from the process…

Here’s another one I created to differentiate the many ways of extracting certain compounds from the hemp flower.

I was interviewed about YellowScribe on a popular American radio show… Watch it below!

Editor for a News Website 

​2018 – present

As well as the book that I co-wrote, I was an editor for the website conspiracycircle.com and I used my journalistic skills to report to the public and our followers on pressing issues which are associated with conspiracies and I made sure to maintain an unbiased perspective whilst covering both sides of the subject. Having an A in English Literature and Language, I know how to structure compelling work and keep the reader hooked. Feel free to click the Conspiracy Circle link and have a look at the website.

Have a look at some of the articles I’ve written:

What Happened To Emiliano Sala?

Pope Francis Implicated In Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

Did The Queen Kidnap 10 Aboriginal Children?

The Sandy Hook Shootings – What You Need To Know.

Is There Life On Venus?

Is Alien Research Happening Inside Area 51?

The Jones-town Mass Suicide

The Royal Illuminati

Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter

The Steven Hawking Deception


​2017 – present

I co-wrote a book about conspiracy theories titled, “The Shocking Truth”, which was published in May. This work is paid on a monthly basis as I proofread and add content to the book. I have exceptional literary skills as well as being proficient in using punctuation and structuring interesting-to-read sentences and content for the readers to indulge in.

Web Content and Management

​2018 – present

Soon after beginning my cleaning job, I pitched my idea for a project to my boss about redesigning the company’s website. Prior to my redesign, the website was badly coded with HTML and didn’t provide a coherent user experience. I knew I could change this.

I redirected the domain to a new website which I created with Wix, and added the content (this included writing posts about case studies, photographs and links to projects). I am updating the website upon request, so this job is not full time nor is it on a contract. It is more or less freelance. The website which I created and maintain is called corporateengineeringltd.co.uk, please feel free to have a look around.

Cleaning Operative

​2017 – 2019

For two years, I was a cleaner at Corporate Engineering, working for 6 hours a week. I have completed numerous online health and safety courses which ensures I will use the safest products as to not subject any persons working in the space to any danger either by inhalation or irritation upon skin contact.


​2016 – 2017

​I gained my first lot of office experience when I was employed in an office for Basingstoke Water Softeners. My job was to take all calls and book customers into online appointments for my boss to follow through herself.

I also had the responsibility of taking stock of the inventory which was delivered regularly and assigning products to customers for the delivery employees to take to their houses. My job involved a lot of telephone communication; I now have proficient skills with telephone communication as well as written communication skills in a professional environment.





Adobe Premiere, Adobe Rush, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, WordPress, Microsoft Excel

I am proficient in editing high quality videos, and I have an understanding of the parameters required in order to produce a good video.

Lighting, audio, script, wardrobe, background and editing come into play in equal parts. Watch my most recent video below, in which I used lighting, microphones, a relevant wardrobe and background, and Adobe Rush to edit with.

I created the video below whilst studying media, and I produced this advert to show my advertising skills within video editing.

Here’s a video I did for an advertisement for New York

A lot of my best work is through visual merchandising and product design…

I understand what’s eye catching and I have studied the art of social media marketing. My day-to-day schedule consists of 10 or so hours spent optimizing my social media presence; this has a direct correlation with engagement, profits, reputation and business connections.

Alongside this, I produce high quality podcast episodes.

The key is to ensure high quality audio, a crisp pronunciation so your listeners can hear every word, and engagement. People want to feel spoken to.

Enjoy this snippet of our 16th February episode, in which I detail ways you can support a small business.

I also published a book…

YellowScribe published its first book in early 2019, titled ‘Her Secret Wild Lifestyle’ written by Natalie Ann. This was the first of many successful vanity publishing ventures that YellowScribe had the pleasure of working on.

You can click here to buy the book…

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