8 tips for making writing more fun again

Write with the help of a writing prompt

Sometimes you just need a little prompt to get the ideas flowing in your brain. Those of us who let writer’s block take control of us need to do two things.

First, do a quick Google search. Find some good ideas that interest you.

Second, don’t let writer’s block affect you in the first place. Keep a journal of ideas and prompts at hand. Whenever an idea strikes, write it down. You may think you’ll remember it, but you probably won’t.Solving the Mystery of Writer’s BlockDoes it even exist?medium.com

Illustrate your writing

Your readers are people, and people are very visual creatures. We like to have some sort of aid to show us what a piece of writing is about. Without a photo or drawing to go with it, your writing isn’t as interesting. Potential readers will move on to other writing.

Try adding in a colorful and eye-catching photo with all your writing. It’ll draw readers in and give them an idea of what to expect.

Tell a story

Personal experience always makes up the best stories. For example, if you’re writing about programming, you should have some experience.

Personal experience can also make you more credible when writing. Would you rather read a story about writing that’s by a writer or one by a football player? Probably the one by the writer, because they have experience and can tell a personal story.

Write, write, write

With practice comes better results and a better experience. If you have a lot of practice with writing, you’ll end up enjoying it more. You’ll also end up with better results. Just keep writing.

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” and the only way to practice writing is to write.

Write about something new

Try writing about something you haven’t written about before. What experiences have you had in life? Share them with the world!

Don’t just keep your experiences to yourself. There’s someone in the world who wants to read about them.

Get inspired by others

There’s some amazing stuff out there. Whether it’s other writing, a video, a book, or something different, get inspired.

Don’t be jealous of others, learn from their work. It’ll make your life a whole lot easier, and then someone else can learn from you.Finding Topics to Write AboutA common struggle for most writerswritingcooperative.com

Re-write previous works

Once you’ve written something, don’t leave it for the rest of eternity. Try re-writing it.

Add some more detail and fix some things up. You don’t even have to publish it. It’s good practice either way.

Write about what you enjoy

If you write about things you enjoy, writing will become more fun.

If you like dogs, write about dogs. If you like the holidays, write about them.

Write about whatever it is you enjoy and writing will be more fun.

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