A Letter to You.

By: Yomna Khaled.


I know that being numb is like swimming in a sea of scentless petals.

I know that disappearing can sometimes feel like the light at the end of a dark tunnel. But before you start thinking of a shortcut, remember what I’m about to tell you.

If nobody is to think of the slightest details, then who is to stop wonder at how a flower is slowly blooming? How did the bird’s nest start growing?

How if you didn’t wake up today, it would not be like every morning? How the news is no better than temporary darkness?

How triggering tears is no good compared to how you misinterpret your beautiful existence with the word “worthless”. How leaving a million untold words, forever kept and buried secrets, friendship bracelets and shooting star wishes along with me is not going to solve it.

How the pain you are going to leave behind is utterly permanent when the suffering you are going through inside won’t stay till the end.

Come with me, take my hand and I will show you my field of sunflowers. I will customise the clouds for you, so they reflect your candy-like soul, making the skies a portrait.

I will build you a house behind the rainbows; so you can see life in colour, and not just your worn-out blue lenses.

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