Interview with Basma Al-Badry aka @pet_taxiq8

Introduce yourself to us

My name is Basma Al-Badry and I am involved into animal rescuing for the past 8 years in Kuwait, and I am grateful of the support I get from different animal rescue organizations.

Basma's Instagram Account

Basma Al-Badry’s Instagram Account

  1. What do you do on your Instagram page?

My page specifically is for animal rescues and for my clients, and I prefer to post more often in my Instagram story so my followers can better view our services and awareness on how to rescue animals.

  1. What does pet taxi do?

We do transportation services for animals, specifically grooming, dog-walking, pet sitting, and we usually are asked to pet sit animals when the owners are traveling.


  1. How did you start your business? What inspired you to do it?

I started Pet Taxi in a painful time in my life, and at that time I was suffering from depression. I am normally an optimistic person, but I didn’t feel it that much in that time. Because I have experience pet sitting my friends’ animals, which did help me become passionate in opening Pet Taxi. Animals possess a healing power, and it is the best therapy I could have asked. I enjoy every moment being with them.

  1. Have you faced any challenges and obstacles

Absolutely! Among them is gaining the client’s trust since this kind of service did not exist in Kuwait in the past but also was not accepted. By time, we slowly gained both trust and respect from our clients through social media. In addition, we commit our work seven days a week despite Kuwait’s harsh weather.

  1. Do you have any pets at home?

Of course! All of them adopted, two Persian cats (Coco & Lulu), one tabby (Monkey).

  1. What advice can you offer to those who want to open a business similar to yours?

It’s not easy at looks, and do you lots of research before you start. You will be taking a HUGE responsibility towards a living creature, and passion is extremely important in the pet courier business. Most important aspect of this is fearing God’s (Allah) when doing this job, because He has told us to care and love for animals.

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