Yogi and well-being coach tells Yellow Scribe about her debut self-help book

Grace Grossmann is a yogi, well-being coach, and a newly published author, all wrapped up into one. Grossmann is making a name for herself in the well-being community by showing up as businesspeople put it – the act of turning up every single day for your prospective clients, friends, and mentees.

Grace Grossmann joined us on The Writing Podcast to chat about the journey she embarked upon whilst writing her newest book, which is a mindfulness guide. Click here to change your life!

Meet Grace

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Well-Being Coach, Writer.

A multi-disciplinary creative keen to make a change.

Are you ready for
“positive energy that is inspirational and contagious?”

Work with grace; find your grace!

“I feel lucky and grateful for Grace’s guidance these 9 weeks. Mostly I feel empowered. It feels good to have her on my side, supporting my intentions, taming my criticism. Thanks for your kind and professional support and advice.”

– Corina L,
A client in coaching with private meditation and yoga sessions
Grace Grossmann

Questions and answers

What do you think your audience can gain from this book?

Notice that everyone is feeling anxiety, everyone’s feeling fear. I remember the first weeks in Berlin here, and I wondered why they were so scared. Fear isn’t helping. I was noticing how scared everyone was. Try to put that into perspective and see how you can accept things you can’t control – it’s shit, but we have to leave it in the doctors and scientists hands.

How long did it take you to write your book?

It did take me a week, because I lost my mainstream income which was teaching English – but I was happy to stop doing this. I could take the time to write. I was like okay, this is me planning out how I feel. So, every day I wrote 2,000 words. This is me doing nothing else except teaching yoga.

First thing in the morning I’ll wake up really early, and I wrote from 7am-9am, and by the end of the week I’d finished it.

I didn’t write it for no reason, and I wanted people to experience this. It was the conscious women community in Berlin – I asked her for a front cover in a week. I knew she could feel my pain and my energy and she designed it so quickly.

The lightbulb and daffodil represents spring – and it’s everywhere. Nature represents growth for us. I love that wherever I look, it can look nice.

So I gave myself the following week, to get a graphic designer, publish it on Amazon, format it for myself. So in 2 weeks, I published it. It went live on the 13th April – I had to set a deadline so I set it appropriately and luckily 13 was my lucky number.

I got two of my best friends to proofread it for me, I was thinking of getting an editor, but I’m a writer so I trusted my own intuition. I write daily, I’m a content writer so it was tuning into myself – it’s my voice, I don’t want it to be edited.

What pushed you to finally write the first words in your book?

I was like “I have to do this” I wanted to help other people, and I could never have planned it to go down this way. I just tuned into myself, and how I feel. It wasn’t forced, when you force yourself it is hard-bearing. I’ve made a plan, so on the Monday I sat down and wrote.

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