Ceased Existence

The world has faced climactic changes in the last billion years, and with it came civilizations that were built yet crumbled within a few centuries, animals appearing and disappearing because of evolution’s twisted game of survival.

When the 19th century rolled in, industrialization came with it. The earth begat coal, natural gas, fossil fuels, and these materials birthed out the cursed child that shall not be named, starting with a ‘P’ and ends with a ‘C’.

Pollution laid a scathing scar on the earth with its boney fingers, laying cursed artificial sacks like a careless cuckoo. The cursed child’s boney touch slowly killing unsuspecting flora and fauna all over with satanic glee, plaguing paradise-esque cities of green  coral reefs and man made monuments carved by geniuses.

I ask myself this question.. what would happen if our existence suddenly ceased on Earth for one year?

I know it is a slow process, but the skies will blue up again

The soil will regenerate it’s soft, crumbly, natural smell and beauty

Flora will sprout in unsuspecting spots – Fauna mysteriously appearing again in forests

Waterfalls and aquifers will emit a buttery – bubbly – loud sigh of relief.

The cursed malign sacks starting with ‘P’ and ending with ‘C’ will disintegrate.

Nature always finds a way to fix itself. Even if it is impossible.

Vehicles and buildings will crumble and rust. Returning to the earth as dust.

Some will say it is a sad thing to cease existing, but at times our vanity removes the sense of guilt from our senses, numbing us with shallow materialism – close as the nightshade’s kiss on your tongue.. numbing your taste buds, your jaw, salivary glands, then your eyes ascends into the cranium with obedience. Our senses were numbed no longer than a hundred years ago, powdered with news of comfort and redundancy, rotting our brains – spreading like fungus – one of the many forms of the reaper.

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