“Please refrain from standing close to others and wear your medical mask at all times.”

I vividly remember the CDC’s message when I lived in the past decade, shouting the message a thousand times on the streets and what was known in the past as the ‘internet’, yet we did not listen. World leaders chanted their opium filled speeches, the masses swallowing it down likes buttered scones. Economomies withered, sanity and order turning out to be an illusion the world used to believe in, and hope ceased to exist.. forever.

I sat in my home, sipping three-day old coffee with a metal straw – with my family seated on an old greying leather sofa, all of us dressed in tatters. The earth is now refered as Quarentina, a world where nations encased itself in bubble domes. The nations fought with missiles, recycled radiation filled bombs, thrown at the domes just to feel something. I forgot what a face looked like – only seeing grey gasmasks – even on the faces of newborns.

Women and children are the top priority, despite half of them being killed every once in a while; either by five-eyed mutated hounds – or by dual beaked vultures.. if they are lucky enough – starvation comes first.

The roads of the streets are grainy, maintaining some sturdiness from yesteryears’s worth of vehicles powered by fossil fuels. The buildings knelt towards the sun, giving it’s back to the moon, and straightly lined buildings were a myth from the past decade. The light poles were territorial flags, marked with a flourescent paint – gangsters maintaing order far better than the ministers and senators of the past decade.

There is no such thing as the elderly anymore. Every man or woman who turned fifty will be crushed and grinded into minced meat. A reperation for existing so long – depending on food tubes in the last year of their lives, secretly buttered from the inside by insidious nurses.

The 1% is nowhere to be found – only appearing in holographic apparitions on the streets. Some say they are hiding underground like rats, their skin paler than white – making the color white seem as dark as black.

I sat there watching the crimson red skies – remembering how stars were its light poles. The bluness of the sky used to bring calmness – now the sanguineous sky symbolizing the eyes of deimos and phobos.  All because the world’s ears fell deaf to the voice of reason.




Categories: Literature, Philosophy

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