Stars deeper than you thought

On a particularly dark and quiet night, after the buzz of satellites has passed, the depths of the sky has no difficulty re purposing your focus into a telescope of perception. Humans are resilient. Sacred spheres of perception, gods of the visuals, reading sunlight, reflection and refraction into what we see as colours.

We call them objects. And the beauty of there being spheres of perception to see these objects with – we can see objects far out into the deep blue night sky. The way the stars dance and flicker powerfully readjusts my eyes with energy; makes them tickle, makes them see things they didn’t see before. Light dances on the tip of my tongue as I struggle to fathom how it makes me feel.

Stars. Light. Energy. The stars to me feel like a sea of opportunity – a hope, a relativity, a state of being. Each star has its timeline, and each timeline as fascinating as the next. Do you know how rare and fascinating it is for a situation in which every outcome is fascinating? It’s near to none and the sky has no struggle drawing me in.

Encapsulated, stuck, wondering… Where would these stars took me if they could? Would they transform my potential energy into a supersuit so I could become the next iron man?

Oh, to shoot across the deep night’s sky. Would the stars deem my energy irrefutable useless? Is the mere thought of myself thriving on a planet that isn’t earth, embarrassingly ridiculous? How do we judge the stars… More like how do they judge us? Humans are just narcissistic sentient beings, and we have incredibly anthropomorphic tendencies. It shows, because we think there’s life out there.

I can’t ever imagine being a human being and sending out a disk to the stars in case other life forms were out there to read it. Humans and the ways they think are: confusing to me. The ways we jot our individual perceptive ideas onto paper and expect that under any circumstances somebody will understand it is ridiculous. It’s crazy. It’s: anthropomorphic.

Stars deeper than you thought. Cars ripping down the roads. Smoke filling up our earth. Planets crushed and made again. Our solar system is an always-changing life-long thing that we have to accept will end one day. And we’re all on a timeline. Even your favourite celebrity.

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