Letters to my non-existent lover.

Here’s another poetry piece for you all! I hope you enjoy!

To my lover who never was,
I’m sorry for writing all my words about you.
Though, I know you don’t exist.
I haven’t come to terms with it.

Waking up and realizing you don’t exist
hits me harder than a ton of bricks.

You continue to live in my daydreams,
and you save me from my nightmares too.

I don’t know how, but you feel so true.

My dear lover who never was,
show me your face once more so
I can live on knowing that I have left you, safe.

You have my pieces, so use them with care.

Live on forever in my imagination,
and leave a kiss on my pillow as you always do.

Darling lover who never was,
I owe you my life and so much more if only you were mine instead of
my imagination’s.

-letters to my nonexistent lover.

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