In the world opposite of humans, legions of fire-beings live in solitude, feasting on bones and rotten carcasses of sickly animals.

Seven kings made of the blackened tips of flames – smokeless fire. Dimiryat, the Peacok Green-robed king sat on his throne of gold, surrounding by smokeless fire as his ethereal shield.

Dimiryat – A foretold legend in Arabian tales, his visage only witnessed by the very few brave souls.

His servants of winged demons, sea-diving scaly mermans, and shaiyatin of the Earthly grassy fields and deserts, scavenging for gold and material treasures.

The lord of emerald robes fashions a crown of blue and bright green – A Djinn in the guise of a  Peacock.

Pride is his sin, as it was the sin of the fallen Morningstar who led Man astray from the heavens.

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