Civilized Chaos

A person is smart but a group of them are classified as stupid

We don’t wash our hands all year

But when an epidemic strikes, we suddenly start washing

They scream and shout about animal cruelty

Yet we keep them in pens in filthy storage rooms

Rooms not even flies dare step in

We screech about reducing plastic

Yet they still use it on a daily basis, fingers tapping on filthy screens

They bellow on reading more

Yet they spread rumors like cream cheese on a gluten-free bagel

They shriek about human trafficking

Yet they keep domestic workers in their homes, fetching their masters fatty food

The human race is the only race that can build itself and kills itself at the same time

Is it a genetic error? Or a philosophical joke we believed as laws

Because the phrase “all men are created equal”

Will NEVER apply to us

Because if we were ‘equal’, then why are still dreaming?

Sleeping in a jar of honey

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