5 Poetry Prompts To Help You write Your Next Poem

BY: Habiba Yakout

you’re probably stuck between four walls everyday and facing a creativity block, So i just compiled a list of interesting prompts for you to write your next perfect poem! Grab a pen and write with me your favorites, or even screenshot the list to get back to it at any time.

  1. This one is for people who love challenges! Challenge yourself to write a poem that is no more than 30 words long, this helps a lot on practicing writing things to the point, TRY IT OUT!

2.This might sound weird but hold the pen and write a poem about your last assignment! dive into the details, how did you feel when you were finishing the assignment? what color was the paper? This helps a lot with exploring yourself and the perspectives you have towards your task.

3.Write a poem about you in a parallel universe!

4. Write about your wedding cake!

5.Describe your children in a poem, will they look just like you?

These are just some out of many more,screenshot them and use the one that you find most suitable to your type of writing and don’t forget; (THE POET WAITS QUIETLY, TO PAINT THE UNSAID -Atticus)

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