The art of thriving from Negativity and remaining Strong

There is one main, core thing to remember: You must not block out negativity. Negativity is the one most honest communication between two people. When someone loses their shit, angrily, and is honest with you – that’s when you will run into negativity.

As somebody as naturally inclined towards being an extrovert as myself, I’ve definitely had my fair share of negative experiences – however, I do believe these have benefitted me every single time. I truly don’t believe that a bad thing could happen with absolutely no good reason behind it. Even if we don’t know the answer, it still lies.

Thriving from negativity is the core reason to your being – living, learning, growing… And eventually passing away. The fact that this is so binary is oddly relaxing to somebody like me. The knowledge of what we are, what we have ever been, and what we likely will be. Except, when you insert a conscious and sentient being into the equation, you create a lot of room for adaptation, creation, and innovation.

I think that this is where our negativity lies. Not physically, evolutionarily, or even hereditarily – but in the consciousness. We as humans have too much room for rumination, and this leads to negative buildup in our heads. We ruminate these thoughts and manifest them into things they are not. Here are some guidelines for shifting your mindset to a far more positive one…

  • Dress (yes, dress!) in colourful, rainbow-bright colours even if/when you don’t feel like it. Push yourself out of that comfort zone and you’ll feel better instantly. Trust me.
  • Show up for yourself, and then to others. The initial, intimate feeling of showing up to yourself is incredibly important in boosting your self-confidence. Boosting your self-confidence will have a knock-on effect to aid recovering from negativity.
  • Surround yourself with bright, positive colours. Trust me – it’ll wear off on you. Even when you don’t feel like it. Instead of wearing some rainbow socks (like I am)
my lovely rainbow socks

or wearing a lush rainbow shirt (like me!)


you could go ahead and try some of these ideas…

Colorful Kids Rooms
Rainbow Room - Oxhey Early Years Centre
Rainbow Galaxy Watercolour Wall Mural | Walls4u
Pastel Rainbow Wallpaper Mural |

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