After completing his military service, Milton William Cooper (aka. Bill Cooper) ‘discovered’ that almost every event that happens is done so through a secret scheme, that is engineered by a nondescript group of people. These people group under names such as The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Illuminati. This discovery was made in 1975 and Cooper described the Illuminati as a secret organisation controlled by the Bilderberg group. According to Cooper, the group conspired with the Knights of ColumbusMasons, Skull and Bones, and other organisations. Its ultimate goal was the establishment of a New World Order. 

From the late ’80s until Cooper died in 2001, he became one of the best-known and most influential conspiracy theorists, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy conspiracy being one of his most popular. Cooper also claimed that HIV/AIDS was a man-made disease that was used to target black, homosexual and Hispanic people. Cooper theorised that the cure was developed before its implementation. Cooper’s past allowed him to claim a kind of credibility for his theories- at the end of the Vietnam war (1975) he had worked as part of the briefing team in Naval intelligence. This was for Admiral Bernard A. Clarey and his staff, and he would later claim that at one point while on the Admiral’s staff he’d gotten a glimpse of a cache of top-secret documents. These documents revealed a vast government conspiracy theory against American citizens. Among these files that Cooper found, there was ‘evidence’ that JFK was assassinated not by Harvey Lee Oswald, but by his driver using a gas pressure device developed by aliens from the Trilateral Commission

On the 28th June 2001, Milton William Cooper told his listeners via a broadcast ‘hour of the time’ (owned by himself) that Osama Bin Laden was about to be blamed for a ‘major attack’ on a large city. Cooper had also predicted that Eisenhower signed a peace treaty with aliens and John F. Kennedy was ‘shot by the secret service’…

After John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1960, he was told about the deal and threatened to expose it. This lead to his ‘assassination’ by his driver in Texas, with what Cooper had described as an electrically operated, gas-powered assassin’s weapon built especially for the Central Intelligence Agency’- it fired ‘pellets of shellfish toxin’.

[add information from JKF video, noting that his driver had fired a shot]

Then, Cooper decided that ‘the alien visitation was fake’ and that it was done by the government to distract attention from what it was really up to and to make its critics and conspiracy theorists look delusional. 

In the days following the attack on the World Trade Centre, Cooper also predicted his death as he knew the US Government and Zionists would not be happy with him speaking the truth, “they’re going to come up here in the middle of the night and shoot me dead right on my doorstep,” he said. On the 5th of November 2001, he was shot. The police stormed his Arizona ranch and he was shot dead- proving he was in fact, right all along. Cooper’s vision of 9/11 is proof that he knew what he was talking about, but he was not the only one to predict this… The CIA had been warning Bush of an imminent attack since the spring of 2001, but he ignored them. This was because Bush was a ‘Zionist’- many conspiracy theorists make good predictions; they’re paying attention to things that the rest of us aren’t. 

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