Fridays With Afrah!

Heya! Welcome back to ‘Fridays With Afrah!’ I wrote this poem yesterday and I’m still unsure of whether it’s any good or not. Please let me know your opinions!


We sat, silently admiring the stars and their eternal light.

That’s all we ever needed; just us, and our ever-growing love for the stars.

We loved them dearly for they felt like our little haven, well away from the storms of the outside world.

Though we knew we weren’t the only ones cherishing their beauty, it felt as if we were.

So leave us to admire the stars and bask in the glory that someday we may be among them.

Leave us to love the stars in the hopes that they too love us.

Leave us to become alive at night, and when the dawn arrives it too will delay its light,

hoping to give us a few more moments to savour the stars,

and think must they wait out yet another day;

just to see the stars again?

Categories: Poetry

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