By: Pratiksha Desai.

I am sure you would have fallen in your childhood and bled, with this, I guess you remembered your worst wound! Well, sincere apologies, but here I am talking about the wounds, the scars, that don’t heal. These scars are generally because of the words, the mightiest weapon, don’t you agree?

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” This quote by Patrick Rothfuss so rightly associates a person’s character with his/her words. If you quietly lay back for a moment and think about the quote you will agree to each word of it, don’t you? So, next time when you use your words, make sure to be calm, to be thoughtful and to choose the right words. Even in life, if you have never used any weapon, words being an intangible weapon, can cut-throat someone without you realizing it. Well, are you thinking about how to control this weapon during anger? I will give you a solution at the end of this blog for sure!

When you trust someone, you open up to them, you speak your heart out and at that time with that person. You feel choosing your words isn’t necessary. Have you ever been in a similar situation, and then regretted it later? Then how can you not be selective or stop being selective of your words in that situation either? I was in a similar situation and regretted it where the sky wasn’t the limit. It had such an effect that I got so influenced that I started feeling as useless, that scar affected my daily life, my mental health, my body, and my soul. The worst scar of my life! I am a person who doesn’t hesitate to talk to an unknown person and keep on chirping this scar made me mum.

Such scars aren’t visible to anyone, however close that person is to you. But to you, it is as if your world has broken apart, you are in the guilt of choosing that person to express your feelings; you apologize to that person and get no forgiveness, the wound continues to become deep. During the conversation, you get to know that indirectly you have declared war on that person’s weakness, but you are out of your senses to understand that because you are already fighting your battle. To your surprise, you will realize that the person who you chose to express to, what is going within you, without considering anything, bursts out at you!

You will feel that you have made the worst mistake (not the biggest but worst) by trusting that person. You will feel like the world has turned upside down, you will feel as if earlier your war was against the world, and now it includes your trust, your belief, and your values. You will start self-analyzing, which will lead to self-doubt. The night will seem like the most difficult one to pass through; it will be as if you can’t breathe, you will fall apart, and find yourself lost. You see yourself submerging in what you will call your biggest downfall without any hope because your hope itself has resulted in this! Yes, the solution to control the weapon of words when you are angry is thinking of that one thing which is your ultimate goal.

Against this, you will find that your anger, your irritability, and your efforts are very feeble. Your goal is so much bigger than that! I am sure you will use this technique after knowing the worst side effects of not doing so!

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