Outside Your Universe.

By: Afrah Bari.

We all have own universes; a place we call our own, the people that we have met over the years, the ones that are long gone but have still left a mark, and all those precious memories. We may not always speak of them, but if you think about it, they do exist.

Everything that we’ve ever seen or experienced throughout our lives; be it mentally or physically. This is your universe; the little bubble of all you know, and have ever known. All of the joy, sadness, love, hate, basically any of the emotions that you have ever felt. All your triumphs to all of your hardest downfalls that you have tried so hard to repress.

All of what you have ever felt stored away in it. This is the comfort zone that you have so painstakingly created is not necessarily an unusual thing neither is it a bad one.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have someone show you around theirs and have you become a part of it? To know such personal information would be a huge honour.

It’s so magnificent because once you are done defining your universe, you will still have a whole universe that you haven’t explored yet; the beautiful one we share.

I hope to one day venture out of my own, and truly let the raw beauty of our universe to amaze me.

What is a part of your universe?

Categories: Literature, Philosophy, Poetry

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