Hagger Mohsin!

We have some incredible artists coming up for you! Today we’re featuring Hagger Mohsen!

She is an amazingly talented individual aged 18. She belongs to Cairo, Egypt. Her hobbies include gaming, skateboarding (wave) , reading , and challenging herself into doing new things. She started drawing at age 10 by challenging herself too! Here are a few of her drawings for your viewing pleasure!

A simple drawing that expresses our feelings during anger,depression, and fear.
Tools used: 2B,9B pencils..
Hope .. just hope 
Tools used :2B , 6B, 9B pencils
Feeling traumatized by my thoughts, and I can’t do anything except hurt myself even more.
Tools used: 2B,9B pencils, dark black soft pastel
Am I ascending or am I falling?
Tools used : 2B pencil
We are all lost in our thoughts, but fear dominates them all.
We’re all lost in the shadows.
Tools used : soft pastels , black charcoal
Can’t speak, can’t hear, can’t see.
Tools used: 2B, 9B pencils
This drawing is 100% from my imagination. I used to feel scared of them as a kid, so this is a reflection of that.
Tools used: black pen and soft pastels.

Categories: Art

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