Our Art Section!

Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush

Welcome to our Art Section! We want to use our platform to feature underrated and new artists and writers. Today, we are featuring an incredibly talented young artist named Nourhan Khaled.

Nourhan is a 19-year-old Medical Student who resides in Egypt. Drawing is more than hobby for her, it is an escape from the loud and fast paced nature of reality.

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1-“Your eyes are a galaxy, and your freckles are the escaping stars.”

2-“Our souls scream their torment out to the world daily. We, alone hear them, and push the screaming down.”

3-“Medusa always had a piercing gaze, who knew it would look so meaningful when she eventually became a statue herself.”

4-“But don’t we all know mirrors are portals to the soul?”

Follow Nourhan on Instagram @raneope for more her amazing art.

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