Fridays with Afrah: Hitler’s Intentions.

Here’s part four of the Hitler conspiracy (written by Kate), I hope you enjoy.

Hitler’s Intentions:

It is important to note how Adolf Hitler was tied to so many cults, theories and groups that there are so many different plausible theories. Hitler could have been operating alone, Eva could have been a facade, he could not have died, he could have allied with people you would never expect- and more, as you would guess. 

It is interesting to observe how Hitler was connected to so many different cults- the symbol ‘swastika’ (is a symbol for ‘the black sun’) links to many countries’ interpretations of the ‘black sun’ symbol. The black sun represents cults, and although there is no evidence to suggest Adolf Hitler was a member of the Thule Society in Germany, which is anti-semitic and worships the black sun, it is still a possibility that Hitler was part of that society. 

It is so easy for us the general population, to be led astray by the elite and media due to the immense coverage by them in the media channels and television programs. We’ve all been led to believe that Hitler was an evil psychopath, which he was, and this is indisputable. However, there are theories which allude to why he completed these despicable acts. The first hunk of information comes from the official Time website, in which they detail the story of Haj Amin al-Husseini, who minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed suggested killing the Jews, rather than expelling/exiling them. He planted the seed of genocide in Adolf Hitler’s mind- and some say this is why Hitler carried out the genocide of 60-85 million people. There is no way to excuse what he did, but we can try to understand why he did it. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparked lots of backlashes when he argued that the Holocaust was the brainchild of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, al-Husseini. This conversation, between the two, happened during a 1941 visit to Berlin. Thankfully, this whole conversation is available online, and you can find it on YouTube under the title ‘Netanyahu Holocaust remarks condemned – BBC News’, should it be removed I’m sure there are many other sources online. The clip is chilling because it’s the only known recording of Hitler sounding calm- he doesn’t raise his voice once. He can be heard describing the number of tanks he’s destroyed. This is both fascinating and important. Not only does it make clear that Netanyahu’s accusation is false, but it also sheds light on the true origins of the Holocaust, and why Hitler undertook when he did.

The timing of the meeting is critical to understanding it and placing it in context. In late November 1941, as World War 2 continued, German troops had besieged Leningrad and had reached the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. At this point, it was not yet clear that Germany was about to defeat the Soviet Union. Equally important, although the negotiations between the US and Japan that were designed to preserve peace in the Pacific seemed to fail. The US was not yet involved in the war. When Hitler and al-Husseini met, both leaders firmly believed that Germany would win indefinitely, and the bulk of their conversations consisted of what the Arabs should do to support this outcome and to help the Germans win.

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