First Impressions.

By: Rida Bari.

Are first impressions to be trusted? Should we train ourselves to delay making judgements? Does love at first sight exist?

“First impressions are last impressions.” “Make sure you cast a good first impression.” These are some examples of very common phrases that we’ve been hearing since we were old enough to speak. However, are first impressions that essential? Or are they just another source of stress in our already hectic lives?

There’s a lot of toxicity in our society due to first impressions, since they don’t leave room for improvement. If, for example, someone fails to make a good first impression and we judge them on that basis for the rest of their lives, they will never strive for betterment. Furthermore, first impressions can be misleading in a lot of ways i.e a person having a bad day might snap at someone, but only because that’s human nature, and not because they’re rude. We should train ourselves to delay making judgements, to prevent the formation of a cruel and harsh society. To create a compassionate environment, we shouldn’t judge anyone based on something they cannot change.

First impressions rely solely on the fact that you judge someone, based on how they look, or how they act. This is where “love at first sight” comes in to play, as looks can be deceiving. You can become infatuated with someone the first time you meet them, but you cannot fall in love with them since that requires you to know the person. “Love at first sight” is a fairytale concept, according to which, people who aren’t outwardly beautiful do not deserve love.

To conclude, since people come from all walks of life, everyone should be given a fair chance to prove themselves and their abilities, regardless of caste, colour, creed, and financial background. We, as humans, have excelled in all fields of life, except that of humanity, where we’re still standing right where we were a few centuries ago. Let’s move past the childishness of first impressions and preach to our society that first impressions are never the last impressions.

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