Vlog : A Day In My Life


This article is like a vlog of my life except it is written. So as far as I can tell everyone is happy with the quarantine and it is a big trend now on social media. Humans never fail to make anything go viral. Thousands of influencers and content creators are happily filming day in my life vlogs in self-quarantine. To me though, this is not the best time, and I have been getting severely depressed because (1) the news is always about the world ending and (2) because I am home and I cannot tolerate my own family. 


As the only daughter in my family, it is disturbing to me. Not seeing my close friends is a big deal to me. I am not allowed to do what I want to do. I have always watched anything. I have to take care of my baby brother, and not to mention I have to sleep late (boring family gatherings) and yet wake up way early to finish my work and studying. I believe by now you might sympathize with me, but I have got good news for you: I am still figuring it out, but I have put together a list of things that I believe would both reduce your anxiety and boredom as it did mine.


I always seek to improve myself and elevate my skills, and this led me to enroll into three different websites for free courses: ‘Google Digital Garage’, ‘Alison’, and ‘TheBigKnow.’  They not only changed the way I used to think, but they also motivated me to work harder and made my mental state way better. Next, I watch some motivating and inspirational Ted Talks. Of course, I do not want to talk about my depressive phase, but these videos did help me a lot through it. Third, I started working on my next book and am having the best (sort of) time in my life. My point here is, whatever it is that you’ve wanted to do for so long, start doing it now.


Fourth, re-clean your room as much as you can (wardrobe, shelves, and even your makeup tools too). It is a fact that when you deep clean your room two times a month, it lessens the negative energy in your surroundings.  Fifth, it might be too lame but if you have acne like me, try out new homemade masks, and figure what is suiting your skin. Furthermore, try to enroll into online volunteer organization so you can see what might suit you later on, for instance, social media manager, content editor, content writing, or see what positions they do have that might suit you. Always use the skills you have to help someone else. At some point in our lives, we have to give freely without expecting something in return. You can also start teaching courses online (for free!) in what you find yourself talented in and capable enough to help someone. I am currently teaching an English course for beginners and intermediate student who want to learn how to write and speak fluently. One last thing that keeps me sane is journaling when I wake up immediately. It helps me to calm down and release the anger I have in this current situation. It doesn’t have to be Grammarly right at all. It is not going to the White House, so don’t worry about any mistakes.


As much as I hate this sentence, and am tired of hearing it, stay home, wash your hands, and avoid encountering elderly, so they don’t get infected because of you. You might be a carrier of the virus, and you can bear it, but others cannot and will not be able to survive. Keep both the people you love and yourself in mind before taking any decision; so they and you can live longer. Thank you for tuning in to my vlog, don’t forget to leave a like and a comment, you know I love meeting new people.  

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