Fridays With Afrah: The conspiracy.

Today, I will share with you the most interesting part of this particular theory. As you know, I have been sharing the Hitler conspiracy in parts because it is very long. This is the third part of five. I hope you enjoy!

The story of how Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun is well known. He took cyanide and shot himself, while Eva took cyanide and died. They were burned outside the emergency exit of the bunker which they died in- although I just can’t seem to believe it. Hitler, during his reign, ordered over 11 million people killed because his beliefs didn’t align with theirs. He ordered the genocide of millions of disabled, ethnic, and homosexual people. Adolf Hitler also attempted to eradicate an entire people- on racial grounds. Despite his racist tendencies, Hitler never laid a finger on anybody, to keep his hands clean. He never, on record, killed a single being with his own hands. This is what leads me to believe that he did not kill himself and that himself and his wife Eva Braun escaped that bunker and have been living their best lives in secrecy. Adolf Hitler, although he had numerous millions of people after him, had no real reason to kill himself. With not even the slightest sympathy, Hitler was a sociopathic murderer, who ordered the deaths of millions. But putting my feet in his shoes for a minute, escaping would not have been hard. Let’s analyse the evidence.

You might have heard of this theory, a U-Boat helped some Nazis escape to Argentina. The sophisticated German submarine U-3523 might have been the perfect vehicle for getting Nazi loot and leaders to South America – but its wreck has been found off the coast of Denmark. Submarine U-3523 had been one of a new generation of type XXI U-boats that we’re able to run more silently and stay submerged for longer than any of their predecessors, with a range that would have allowed them to sail non-stop from Europe to South America. But who was on the boat when it sank? Adolf and his wife, or perhaps without his wife, could have easily escaped further to Argentina on another smaller boat. Of course, as we will never truly know if Adolf carried on his travels with his wife Eva, we know that some Nazis did escape to Argentina which solidifies the theory that Hitler went with them.

Some Nazis including Adolf Eichmann and Dr Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, did make it to Argentina, Eichmann to be captured by the Israelis in 1960, Mengele to live out his days in freedom until drowning while swimming off the coast of Brazil in 1979.

Although men like Eichmann and Mengele got away on conventional ships, with other passengers, two submarines from Germany are reported to have docked in Argentina some months after the war in Europe ended. The captain of the German ship insisted he hadn’t carried any passengers, but his Argentine navy interrogators noted that he admitted to destroying all the logs onboard the ship. He also admitted to destroying all the secret documents, while consistently refusing to give details about the specific routes the boat had taken. This all leads me to believe that the boat diverted and dropped of Adolf Hitler and any accomplices since the captain never disclosed any leads meaning the Argentinian government couldn’t put a bounty on Hitler’s head.

To this date, Hitler can’t be alive. Adolf Hitler, on the 8th January 2019, would have been 129 years old- so we can rule out the possibility of him being alive since the world’s oldest person was 116 at the time of their death. I can’t help but believe that he must have died somewhere discreet or in a fire/the ocean. Should anybody have killed him, they would have reported the murder to the authorities since Hitler essentially had a bounty on his head, or it would have made news due to its severity. Adolf Hitler, given his evident lack of empathy, could have lived a virtually carefree life discreetly in a nondescript country, shaved his hair, changed his personality, and lived under the radar.

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