Golden Haunted Heart: A Poem


By: Fairouz Tamer

I sat on the roof edge,

Legs dangling

Chest bones aching,

My whole gesture is done shaking

So many stories were held,

In brown, solo eyes


The feeling of letting go,

Tales and lines of my life

Is such a weight

My numb shoulders,

Can’t resist again


The air is cold,

Although I am warm

There is something,

So wrong and I too know

Yet on the hope,

Somebody or anybody

Hear my smooth, soft cries


I looked up at the sky,

And heavily thought,

Waiting for some type of love

I had been missing

For quite tough, poem rhythms


I don’t, for sure know

Whether I am anyone’s type

But even if I was,

I am so scared to try


It’s exactly like,

Wishing to be old,

But then again,

Old isn’t as gold

As before

Categories: Poetry

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