A Gentle Reminder To Myself


By : Fairouz Tamer

I have wanted to talk to you for a while now. You have been through a lot and I know I don’t say it, but you are powerful more than you think. You have been through so much, and you still figured what to do and what to feel.
You are beautiful inside out. You do look pretty and you do have a clean soul. You are good enough for yourself, and that is what matters the most. You do what you wanna and you will be the greatest of all. Live this year of your own expectations and not anybody else.
Do what makes you in your own skin. Show people who you are, the way you want to. Express love and compassion in your own way. No one deserves to have you, the way you thought you would be treated. Don’t look for someone who is negatively affecting your life. Stay to people who understand and respect you.
Before anything else, go love, yourself. Praise and appreciate what you have and always be grateful. Your pain is going to go away. You will survive this year in the best ways possible. You will be remarkable and loved. You will be what you will work hard for.
Don’t let go of your blessings and be grateful always. Things might be tough and unbearable, but you will go through it. Cry and be vulnerable, you are a human. But don’t ever underestimate yourself.

Categories: Poetry

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