Why People lose Motivation

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? Maybe to lose weight? To go to the gym more? Or to cut out junk food? The majority of people lose motivation and no longer commit to their resolution in the first year!

This first starts with the individual having a sudden burst of motivation to change something they see as negative about themselves, this could be their diet, their laziness or a habit. The best way of escaping from a negative habit is creating new, positive ones to replace the old. It takes around 66 days to develop a new habit according to statistics, so why do people give up in the first month?

The answer to this is, some people don’t have enough time. For example, somebody who works a 9-5 job, has a family and pets to look after may not have enough time to rush to the gym and work out everyday. This individual may start their New Years Resolution at the start of the month, but overtime, will have a large workload to take home, cannot find anyone to look after the children or will become too tired to go the gym. After 1 month of commitment, around 36% of people lose motivation, this isn’t long enough to establish a healthy habit.

So how do we keep motivated? Try maybe using a schedule and planning out your week, writing down the hours you are free to work on your new habit. What I found the most helpful was writing down a few questions to ask myself when I feel unmotivated. For example, “what do you want to achieve?” and “How will this benefit you in the future?”. Another way of staying motivated is tracking your progress and rewarding yourself when you have spent all the hours you planned working on your habit. This will keep you motivated for the future and more concentrated on your goal.

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