Fridays With Afrah!

Hey! Thank you for tuning into ‘Fridays With Afrah.’ Today I will share with you something that I think is truly wrong with the world. The way we are told to or perhaps we have told our selves to act seemingly invincible to everyone that crosses our path. Even when deep down we are well aware that we are not. So, here it goes. I hope you enjoy!

Why is it that we hide away the pain and the sorrow?

We pretend as if they do not exist. We act as if they don’t have any value in our lives.

We build up this persona of someone who has never felt these bittersweet emotions.

Such perfection, however, leads many to believe that we live perfect lives, as that is what they see.

Those people cease to confess their emotions as they think we would not understand.

This vicious cycle of being “perfect” continues.

The pain and sorrow that we so wishfully hideaway makes us who we are today. Having them does not make us imperfect, it just makes us human.

Categories: Literature, Philosophy, Poetry

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