A Sunflower : A Poem


By: Fairouz Tamer

Been sitting on the couch,

So away from everyone

Yet close to a glass window, alone

Hearing those voices,

Of gossips and stories

But didn’t really get a chance,

To join any of all


It is like being the only sunflower,

Between roses and green leaves

No one really gets how or why,

So bright you can be

Or when tiny you would feel


Probably in the wrong place?

I don’t know

But something about this space,

Makes me feel unknown and small

No matter what I show,

I get to be a stranger after all


Searching for a décor,

To escape from, and be on my own

Through book pages and poetry lines,

Doing some things,

So I would be busy all the time


And that’s not me,

I don’t belong here

And I won’t ever be real

To anyone or myself,

So sad to hear


And harder, when there is no heal

Any warmhearted seal?

To share with my big plans

And what I am changing to be.


(Exclusive Poem)

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Categories: Poetry

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