13 Creative Podcast Segment Ideas

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13 Creative Podcast Segment Ideas


As a podcaster, you may have spent some time brainstorming segments that you can incorporate into your podcast. Even if you have a very specific podcast topic and a set format, a few segments can add some variety to your podcast and make it that much more engaging. Brainstorming segments can be challenging though, so we’ve compiled 13 creative segment ideas that you can use as is or personalize to add some variety to your podcast!

1. Q & A

Ask your listeners on social media to send in questions and randomly select a few on your podcast to answer.

2. Guest

Invite experts, friends, family, influencers, musicians, and other notable individuals to your podcast. You can have a conversation with them, have your guest give a lecture, have them takeover your podcast episode, do an interview, or have them co-host.

3. Topical News

Look up the news related to your podcast and talk about it. Even if it’s not directly related, if you’re interested in talking about the news, consider discussing it in a segment.

4. Recommendation

Give artist, song, album, recipe, product, tool, book, game, movie, destination, and other recommendations to your listeners. Whatever you are particularly interested in at the time, let your listeners know!

5. Fact of the Day

Do you know of or have you recently learned an interesting fact that your listeners would be interested in? Tell your listeners!

6. Story of the Day

Have an interesting story about your life, food, your house, relationships, money, animals, or anything else? Share it with your listeners!

7. Review/Recap

Review or recap a song, album, event (concert, festival, award show, sporting event, etc.), book, game, show, or movie. Anything that is relevant that you have an interest in and some knowledge about, consider reviewing it.

8. Social Media Minute

Create a hashtag and read out the posts that use that hashtag. You can engage with your listeners and have them contribute to a fun segment on your podcast.

9. Quote of the Day

Whether you have a funny or inspirational quote to share, they both make for a great segment on your podcast.

10. Spotlight

Feature an artist, album, movie, show, destination, specific topic, or anything else that you would like to talk about more in depth. A spotlight is similar to a review, except spotlights are more based on factual information and reviews are more based on your opinions.

11. Advice of the Day

Have you got any advice, resources, tools, or anything else that would benefit your listeners? Share it!

12. Requests

Have your listeners, friends, and family submit news, topics, and other requests for you to talk about.

13. Time Travel

Look back at a specific podcast episode and reflect on the episode and what has changed since.

Even just one or two creative segments can make your podcast that much more engaging. Segments are a great tool to break up your lengthy or heavy content, so it is a good idea to consider adding some segments every now and then. These are just a few ideas that make as a great basis for a segment that you can personalize for your podcast. Remember, only choose segments that fit with your podcast and that you anticipate will be appealing to your audience. And, don’t be afraid to expand upon these segments and make them your own, the more you personalize and own your segments, the more engaging they will be! Happy podcasting!

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