Adolf Hitler: The undisclosed truth.

Hello again! This is Afrah back with another intriguing conspiracy theory written by Kate. This is the first of the three parts of this particular one. Tune in next week to read more about this loathsome man. Without further ado:

This chapter shall truly delve deep into the history of Adolf Hitler and his involvement with the mass genocides of the Jewish, Homosexuals, and ethnic minorities as well as Romany travellers. It is speculated that Adolf Hitler’s middle name was Jacob, as this was written in a police report found in France- although not very menacing we can use this middle name to find out more information about the despicable man; as tragic and corrupt as these events were, it is still vital we research into the history and uncover the facts.

Adolf ‘Jacob’ Hitler was the author of a book which is well renown, titled ‘Mein Kampf’, which translates to ‘my struggle’ in English. This book was a political manifesto- and was also his only complete book. It was later hailed the ‘bible of National Socialism’ (Nazism) in Germany’s Third Reich. Another compelling component to the story: No one knows Hitler’s date of birth, it is stated as ‘some time after 1880’, although sources on google and other platforms say he was born on the 20th April 1889. People described the psychopath as ‘sad, emotionally unstable and angry’. We should glide over the fact that he ‘loved’ animals because the matter is, over 11 million people died during the terrific reign of Hitler, or so it is believed.

As you might know, Adolf Hitler had a wife, Eva Braun. Although they were only legally married for 40 hours before Adolf Hitler poisoned her with cyanide, and also shot himself, they had a secret relationship for a fair time before their eventual deaths. Looking into this quite closely, one can observe how there is no conclusive evidence alluding to their whereabouts. According to sources, Hitler had written instructions for both his and Eva’s bodies to be carried out the back exit, doused in petrol and burned. This all happened in the Reich Chancellery garden outside the bunker which they died in.

To digress a little bit, we’ll move onto the root of all of these conflicts and most importantly the reason for the millions of deaths.

The thing here is, that we must realise that wars are not fought between countries- rather over resources and bankers’ profits. Wars are not government drafts, they are bank drafts, and currently, each person sent into war had a collateral value. A prime example of a bank influencing the happenings of war is the infamous family of the Rothschilds, whom we have covered at some point before. Because they have so much influence over the entire world- it’s scary!

The Rothschilds owned the central banking system of course and created wars in the battle for resources and loaned money to both sides of the conflict, throwing logs into the fire.

The governments surrendered their citizens to death in exchange for bank credit.

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