Fridays with Afrah! Conspiracy Edition.

This incredible conspiracy theory has been written by none other than our very Kate! I found this particular one very interesting as it is about one of my favorite topics(in the world of conspiracies that is). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Is Area 51 researching aliens? Let’s investigate…

As a skeptic, this one really resonates with me; I’m definitely the type of person to really want to find out whether or not there is life out there- except a few bacteria. As we know, in my Life on Venus post, I looked into whether or not there are bacteria or life on Venus. We concluded that in the darkness beneath the layer of chemicals in the atmosphere, it is highly likely that there are light-absorbing bacteria, which is why the surface of Venus is so dark. 

So, onto alien research, the title of this theory doesn’t suggest there are aliens- it just suggests that we think Area 51 are investigating aliens. They’re either looking into it or they have some aliens hostage there. Who knows? Let’s investigate some sources from the internet, but of course who knows what sources we can trust? Area 51. The name conjures an aura of secrecy, mystery, and of course, extraterrestrial happenings. Indeed, the military installation — located about 80 miles (129 kilometres) northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada — is the site of secretive military testing. I’ll include a gallery somewhere in this post composed of some inside-area 51 photos that I’ve scoured the web for, and this should help with the mystery that I’m trying to build. 

Suspicious flights have been seen leaving McCarran Airport in the city of sin with their schedules and manifest shrouded in complete mystery.

The airline flies from a terminal named Janet that exclusively serves military personnel carrying them from Vegas to the desert base where many believe the US hides evidence of UFOs and aliens.

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