Why Countdown Campaigns are Instagram’s next best thing…

Countdown Campaign. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so. A countdown campaign is a series of posts scheduled to go live every day counting down to the launch of a product containing information in the same subject.

Countdown Campaigns are an amazing way to share snippets of your products different components without ruining the big surprise at the end.

What are some examples of Countdown Campaigns?

This is an IGTV (Instagram TV) Episode marking day one of fifteen of Kaitlyn Pibernik’s Instagram Masterclass. Of course, these fifteen days are leading up to something mind blowing. Well.

It’s not that mind blowing – but it is pretty nifty. Never in a million years did I expect Instagram to become a subject taught in schools, but I’m going to be teaching free Social Media workshops very soon with a few other team mates of mine.

Instagram is a pivot in our journey – over a fifth of the world’s population has Instagram. The extent to which Instagram has expanded is truly unfathomable – and it’s incredible to me how the internet is one of the best ‘man made’ creations out there, is totally invisible, and also serves an incredibly niche purpose. Programming. Community. Connecting.

Countdown Campaigns are an immensely impactful way of communicating your passion, drive and aspirations to your followers and potential clients.

Post one or three posts a day, maintaining the colour scheme in which you have chosen to ensure a coherent and consistent aesthetic all throughout the ensemble. Make the posts connected in a way – and make the post type different each time, too. I usually make it either a slideshow, video, IGTV, text post or a HD selfie.

It will be useful to post a contents page with dates so your followers know what to expect and when, and also to serve as an incentive for you to actually follow through with your plans.

Build a following with this method: Countdown Campaigns. You’re almost done learning about them…

Each caption, use the same template. Only change the post number – to relay to your client base that you are consistent and organised. The two things that clients and customers look for in a product they’re willing to invest in.

Choose a number of days to Count Down, design a graphic (use that colour palette!) and count down by posting the same graphic except with the day number switched out… It’ll boost your engagement – especially if you post at the same times each day (3pm is the best time generally!)

We hope you learned something from this short article – please check out one of our YouTube or SoundCloud Episodes below!

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