Try Aroma Bath Therapy…

What is Aroma Bath Therapy? To be honest, it’s really something I figured out for myself. A regular bath routine with therapeutic aromatherapy, soft and hydrating products (bath bombs, oils, salts) and a relaxing playlist is an incredibly cleansing and deeply refreshing experience that we all deserve.

Step one: Establish a temperature that you can relax at, and crack a window open

Bathing in a temperature about ten degrees hotter than your average body temperature can open pores, cleanse sebum and naturally produce bodily oils alone. Make sure to keep a steady flow of cool air flowing throughout the bathroom, because it’s easy to become faint.

Step two: Your bath

lucky cat bath bomb harajuku 2018
Lucky Cat by Lush (Bath Bomb)

What do you prioritise, scent or texture? Bath bombs are rich and and deeply nourishing components that you can stick in the bath to take it to the next level.

calavera community bath bomb
Calavera bath bomb by Lush

If you have tattoos try and avoid bath bombs that are synthetically/heavily fragranced, because they will dry the tattoo out, especially if it’s still healing.

honey i washed the kids community bath bomb
Honey I Washed The Kids by Lush too! How cute is this…

Add in himalayan salts to dissolve and draw out the dirt lurking around in your skin, and aid the healing of any bumps and scrapes you may have. Don’t shave if you add salt, obviously! Himalayan salt contains calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron…

Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Coarse 1kg
Himalayan Rose Pink Coarse Salt. The distinctive rose pink colour is a result of the high mineral content in the salt (iron, potassium and magnesium) all vital for good health.

Adding oils will moisturise and lock in the moisture from the water – an awesome addition if you also add a bath bomb or any petals, because you’ll smell great all day.

mmmelting marshmallow moment bath oil
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment – these are only £2.95 each!

This whole page is full of bath oils… Try not to buy them all.

For a sweet, sweet bath there is a sweet, sweet treat and in this sweet, sweet bath take a sweet, sweet seat.

Let your troubles mmm…elt away, as skin is softened and soothed by chamomile. And, if its bright yellow and pink sandwich of colours doesn’t bring to mind dolly mixtures, its candy floss scent surely will.

This product melts in a warm bath so during hot spells it may start melting before it reaches your bathroom – You have been warmed!

Step three: Music is important

Choose music that relaxes you. For me, it’ll be Enya or Mika. Something instrumental, or music that you can connect with deeply and drift off to – don’t drift off in the bath though… Unless you’re into that.

Step four: Face masks!

Rosy Cheeks face mask by Lush

Glycerine, Kaolinm Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Calamine Powder, Rose Clay, Rose Oil, *Benzyl Alcohol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, *Citronellol, Perfume

Find the happiness you seek by cleansing cheek to cheek with this gorgeously soothing fresh mask. A simple blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil to delicately calm the skin and restore balance. Whether you’re feeling hot and bothered or just fancy showering your complexion with roses, cleansing calamine and kaolin will gently remove dirt while exquisite rose oil nourishes and tones your face. Uncover calm, matte skin which says you’ve been kissed by a rose.


Step five: Scrub your damn lips!

I feel like no one scrubs their lips. Please scrub your lips. If you were looking for god to send you a sign, here it is. Buy this from Lush. By exfoliating the lips, you neutralise lip discolouration and get rid of those pesky dark spots and impurities. Exfoliating the lips lifts the dead skin, and helps to fade the darker areas that linger around your mouth.

A pink blob of the cherry lip scrub
This Cherry lip scrub is only £6.50/25g

Polish your pout to perfection with this fruity beauty. This playfully pink confection uses davana, lime and cocoa absolute for a deliciously sour, fruit-filled hit of tangy cherry flavour.

You’ll love this if you like:
– Sour, cherry flavoured sweets.
– Cherryish body scrub or The Comforter bubble bar.
– Feeling fresh and fruity.

– Cherry kernel oil is light-weight and ideal for moisturising and softening. It protects your lips without feeling sticky.
– With a sweet scent similar to cherry, almond essential oil adds a wonderful depth of flavour.
– Organic jojoba oil and Fair Trade shea butter moisturise your lips, leaving them soft and supple.
– Caster sugar buffs and polishes, leaving your lips soft and smooth. Plus, it’s a delicious addition to this delectable scrub.

How to use: Take a small amount on the tip of your finger and gently work over your lips to smooth and polish. Follow up with a lip balm such as Rose Lollipop. 

Step six: Meditate in the bath

Meditating has many health benefits, both physically and emotionally.

Image result for meditating

Meditation reduces the production of stress related hormones like cortisol and increases the production of good chemicals like serotonin. Sound sleep is very important for the proper functioning of the body. … Regular meditation helps in relieving stress and thus improves the quality of sleep.

Especially in the bath. Warmth induces comfort, like you’re getting a hug. What more could you want?

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