To envision my mind –

Is to see a room with no windows or doors.

The outside world is within

The pages of memories stacked upon piles and piles of 

Pictures. Photos – 

Scattered and cluttered and broken and burnt.

Faces clawed. 

Albums replaced with stories.

Scars form mazes. The exit is the entrance. 

When I envision my mind – 

I see colour. Thousands and thousands and thousands of shades of 

Yellow. Bright and blinding and they are smiling-

I feel. 

Dark as the pupil 

when I am not. 

The only light is a single bulb. 

Too high and flickering. 

You envision my mind, 

I am not alone. 

There are echoes and whispers.

Warmth in the shadow of a touch. 

Notice them within your smile. 


I rise

My eyes open. 

Categories: Poetry

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