The environmental impact of Halloween

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Halloween is fun. I’m a self-confessed spooky person, and I love to decorate my kitchen when it’s Halloween. Now I’m legally an adult, I can actually afford to buy decorations and put them in my kitchen; my mum would never spend money on Halloween. She hates Halloween. I bought a spooky table cloth, bunting for the walls, a ghost candle holder, a pumpkin candle holder, but I didn’t carve a pumpkin; I couldn’t be bothered.

But, I’m keeping my things. I know I contributed £4 to Poundland to buy all these things, but they’re not going to end up in the landfill which all of the other decorations go… I’m keeping them in a box for next year! These things will follow me to my next property, so every Halloween after this one will be ‘free’ essentially, except pumpkins, probably. If I can be bothered.

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My intention by writing this article is to preface mine and Jen’s first-ever podcast episode and give some context for the subject. We’re going to chat about Halloween, and as Jen works in a Poundland store, she sees the extent to which is wasted each year.

Pumpkins produce copious amounts of methane in landfills

12,500 tonnes of Pumpkins are discarded each year in the UK alone. None of these were eaten! Do you know how much methane is released when a single pumpkin decomposes? That’s approximately 3,000,000 pumpkins discarded each year in the UK.

The number of sweet wrappers left on the streets is increasing as the years pass. I thought we were over this!

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We like to carve pumpkins, eat copious amounts of sweets and throw away the litter… But how long can it last?

There are easy fixes so you can do your part on Halloween.

Smash your pumpkin into little bits

… and spread it around your garden. This could help reverse the negative effects that your dishwasher and washing machine had on the environment.

TIP: Choosing to carve instead of painting your pumpkin means you are able to recycle it – so you’re doing your bit too!

… and feed it to chickens! I have an app which connects me and my neighbours, and on there people have been sharing produce! This includes pumpkin flesh and seeds for chickens!

Make food…

And many more…

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