Dear Black People.

Dear Black People,

As the ships set sail, so did your rights.

This land is free for all; home for the bold, but not your kith and kin.

 You were brought forth to till and labour

Now you emancipate; you share my faith and eat my cake.

Dear Black People,

You stood through it all, turning my fallow into carse,

You found you a purpose, so I found new, detours.

And soon you broke the yoke, calling for dignity, rights and more.

You say now, I say how? You tout, I tether.

Dear Black People,

You clung on, after wave and wave of peril,

Marginalized and annihilated, yet you sprawled,

 Singing in your desolate Boroughs, “you shall overcome”.

So I changed your fate and put your face to every crime and case.

Dear Black People,

It’s today, not your birthday nor your distant land, but I see you frolicking

Not so long you rule, so now you question my rule.

Leaning my grip further and further out, so I resort, to tactics that results.

Putting fear in the minds of many, now see, your life lies in my grips and clicks.

Dear Black People,

I’ll never rest, I’ll never quench,

This is my land, go home to yours, where we brought you from.

If 400 years did not weather you out, I wonder, what now? 

All, I am left now is to blacklist you, you and your Kind.

Ib Bakar, Black-listed

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