Don’t censor your style.

Don’t Conform

Censorship. It’s everywhere, except not... Do you ever see celebrities being censored? I don’t mean celebrities being slut shamed by insecure far right conservatives, I mean the way Billie Eilish can rock the baggy look. I mean how Zendaya rocked up to the Met Gala dressed as a better version of Cinderella. Freedom of speech includes the right to wear whatever we want – but why do we never dress entirely how we want? I’m not one to talk, I often censor how I dress to appease my family and people I associate with. But, slowly I’m becoming more liberated in the way I dress…

It’s a beautiful journey to embark on: finding yourself. Through the power of clothes, literally almost anything is possible. Didn’t you always look up to goths and eccentrics while walking through town? I thought to myself this morning: damn, I never expected to be that bitch with the 3 inch platforms in town. But that’s me now, because I saw them on sale and said fuck it, I like them. I could afford them, so I bought them. Cute as hell, white with iridescent features, 3 inch platform boots. I love them. They’re comfy, they flatter my body shape and they look good as shit.

Despite my mum telling me they were ‘really, I mean really god damn ugly’, I bought them and I rock them, because I love them if I haven’t mentioned that yet.

You need to embark on this journey of self-discovery through clothes. Because, honestly, are you going to live your life being censored by older/boring people? Didn’t think so. Imagine living in a reality in which you censor what you wear because less progressive people are upset by it. By saying this, I OBVIOUSLY don’t mean go around wearing offensive shirts. Don’t go around with your tits out breaking the law, because there is a law against that – and I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to get arrested.

I think it does a lot for your mental health, too. Ever since I started expressing my true personality through what I wear, I have been receiving compliments daily on how well I dress. It’s not only that, but imagine how you can inspire younger kids to be comfortable in ‘weird’ clothes – imagine how great that would feel. I have encouraged younger children to wear what they want, and you know what, it has benefitted me probably more than it has benefitted them: it makes me happy, it encourages me to dress eccentrically, it gives me a sense of pride, it inspires my sibling to dress how they truly want!

Find your style

  1. I find it therapeutic to curate my Instagram feed so it makes me happy. Follow the people that you find inspirational, like people and influencers into fashion. As long as you do this in moderation and it doesn’t negatively impact your mental health, it can be good for you!Some great instagram influencers with the same style as me are, as of today:
    – @alettertohermione
    – @wormsherrif
    – @vintage_venom_
  2. Dress out of your comfort zone.It took me a while to realise this was one of the best ways to find my style. I bought some of the biggest, ‘ugliest’ (according to my mum), and chunkiest shoes I came across from the sale in Deichmann the other day. I wore them indoors for days but I was too scared to go outside in them, until one day I just said fuck it. The second I left my house, a kid walked past me and, I kid you not, said, ‘Mummy, her shoes are big’. At least he wasn’t making fun of me!

    Weeks later I was still wearing them, and I love them now – my style has consequently developed around the shoes and I have a new sense of fashion. I love it.

  3. Develop your personality and be proud in publiCThis is definitely easier said than done. I used to have public/social anxiety – I dressed so vanilla in public out of fear of wearing something that caught the attention of the thousands of strangers passing me by. But then I realised, why do I care about the people passing me by? Wh on earth have we all been programmed to conform so boringly?

    Wearing clothes that make you nervous to be in public has developed my personality; I learned from the judgement. It’s like muscle memory – you have a panic attack because you’re judged. Then you recover, and realise you weren’t put in harms way. You do it again, and again, until you have learned through your own private, personal journey, that your style is valid and you can dress however the fuck you want to. It doesn’t matter what people think!

Learn to accept judgement

Learn to take it in your stride when you are negatively criticised. Learn through your own personal, private journey to stand up for yourself when you’re told what you’re wearing is ugly.

This was hard for me, because so many people have told me what I’m wearing is ugly. So, so many times I’ve heard this shit. Here are a few things you can say, you can choose how sassy to come across. I choose sassy every time…

  1. Good thing you’re not wearing it then
  2. But the clothes are on me, not you
  3. Don’t wear them then
  4. I like them, so what’s the problem?
  5. Do I offend you?
  6. Why should I dress boring?
  7. You don’t have the right to police the way I dress
  8. Thanks for the opinion, but I don’t care!

Thanks for reading this article. Yes, it is very centennial and no  you don’t have to feel the same way about these kinds of things as me. Just stay happy!

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